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Vessel Design

At Baker Marine Solutions, we are redefining the maritime frontier. Our seasoned team of engineers and naval architects merges experience with cutting-edge digital tools, ensuring that every project embodies excellence and innovation.


Vessel Design Services

Every successful maritime journey begins with a seafaring vessel’s flawless blueprint. Our expertise encompasses every facet of vessel design, from structural nuances to intricate mechanical and electrical systems. By incorporating the latest technology and engineering practices, we ensure the integrity, safety, and efficiency of every vessel under our purview.

From Concept to Final Maritime Design

Our approach, from conceptualization to final design, guarantees that each vessel is uniquely tailored to its intended purpose and operating environment. Through close collaboration with clients, we craft visualizations of vessels and deck equipment, allowing clients to envision their maritime aspirations early in the process.

Advanced Maritime Analysis and Hull Lofting

Our commitment to performance is unwavering. Utilizing advanced tools like finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), ship motion analysis, and precision hull lofting, we engineer hulls that maximize both speed and stability, ensuring vessels that sail as beautifully as they look.

Regulatory Compliance and Stability

Navigating the intricate seas of compliance, we meticulously craft regulatory drawings in line with international maritime standards. These aren't just designs, but a testament to our commitment to safety. Every vessel we design stands tall against diverse sea changes in the industry, promising reliability and security.