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Marine Warranty To Safeguard Your Operations

Marine Warranty Services at Baker Marine Solutions offer a critical link in the chain of your large construction projects. By providing a neutral third-party technical review and approval, we help clients meet the rigorous demands set by underwriters, ensuring every operation aligns with recognized standards.


The Marine Warranty Survey (MWS) Process:

Marine Warranty is an essential process that ensures all involved parties fulfill their responsibilities. In the world of marine projects where inherent risks are present, these risks are shouldered either by an insurance underwriter or the project's owner company.

  • Evaluation and Approval: Reviewing project-provided drawings, calculations, and operational procedures, offering insights and granting approval once satisfied.

  • Verifications: Confirming the ability of marine assets selected for the project to perform their intended duties. This includes vessels, equipment, personnel, etc.

  • Consultations: Participation in project meetings, HAZIDs, and similar forums, bringing real experience and insight to the table.

  • Operations Witnessing: Observing operations to ensure adherence to the approved plan and procedures. Any deviations result in an immediate halt to operations.

The Goal:

Once satisfied that project operations align with the approved procedures, the Certificate of Approval (COA) is issued. This certificate serves as evidence that every possible precaution was taken, all calculations and procedures were double-checked, and every opportunity to mitigate risk was utilized.

Project Cargo

The most common MWS operation involves transporting Project Cargo, which includes moving high-value equipment via truck, barge, or vessel. Given the high costs associated with operational delays due to equipment damage, this process acts as affordable insurance against expensive setbacks.


Oil & Gas Projects

We focus on the demands of large-scale oil and gas operations. This includes asset suitability surveys, procedural reviews, site checks, and milestone approvals, offering a thorough review process tailored for the energy sector.

Rigs & MODUs

Specialized services for specific assets. Our offerings cover asset integrity checks, site approvals for jackup operations, field-move authorizations, and single-voyage transport tow approvals. Each step is handled with precision to support optimal operational efficiency.



Covering both established and emerging renewable technologies, we offer expertise in areas such as offshore wind farms, tidal generators, and floating wind farms. While there are parallels with the oil and gas sector, our focus here is on innovative green technologies set to shape the future of energy.

At Baker Marine Solutions, our mission is clear: to deliver top-tier verification services for marine operations that prioritize both safety and cost-effectiveness. With a team comprising experienced master mariners, skilled engineers, insightful naval architects, and dedicated marine warranty surveyors, we stand ready to help our clients navigate the complexities of offshore operations.

With Baker Marine Solutions by your side, you're not just navigating the waters—you're mastering them. Our rigorous inspections and evaluations ensure that every piece of equipment, every system, is not just ready but optimized for the challenges ahead.