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Welcome to BMS

Industry-leading marine consulting and engineering services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative solutions in the marine sector, from seafloor to surface.

Your Challenges, Our Solutions

At Baker Marine Solutions, we don't just offer services—we deliver peace of mind. With us by your side, you're well-prepared to traverse the intricate world of vessels and waterways.

Solutions - Even Last Minute

Baker Marine Solutions is in the business of fast response. When you need something done we’ll be there—no matter the time of day.


Tackling Marine and Offshore Challenges

Navigating the world of Class, Flag, and Client requirements can be challenging. Let BMS work as a trusted partner to help you reach your destination on time and on budget.

Leading Marine Assurance Consultancy

Baker Marine Solutions is a leading provider of marine assurance and consulting services. This includes high level DP assurance, industry standard audits such as OCIMF—OVID and IMCA standard inspections, and verification of mission critical equipment, such as heavy lift cranes, ROV’s, drilling packages, and helidecks.

Marine Warranty Specialists

We are a full-service Marine Warranty Survey provider and fully aligned with the requirements of the Society of Offshore Marine Warranty Surveyors (SOMWS). BMS offers services in project cargo transportation, oil and gas projects, renewables, and MODU/Drilling.

Engineering Expertise

Engineering division allows for high level analysis, documentation development, and review/verification of project plans. Our experienced naval architects and marine engineers can deliver a range of services—from traditional naval architecture design, 24/7 salvage engineering to support marine casualty response, shipyard construction support, feasibility studies, and technical surveys.

Project Management Solutions

BMS specializes in full project management scopes: from UWILD support, Flotel management, fleet management, vessel rebuild and outfitting, through Client Vessel Representative (CVR). We offer full turnkey project management support, providing both onboard personnel and full office-based support shoreside.

From Surface To Seafloor

Baker Subsea Solutions is a leading provider of underwater inspection services in the U.S.GOM, as well as internationally. With our fleet of inspection class ROV’sand qualified pilots and technicians our subsea group can accomplish any underwater inspection scope down to 600 meters.

Unbiased Risk Mitigation for Offshore Operations

BMS provides concise, unbiased risk mitigation solutions for all major energy companies, on some of the largest most sophisticated offshore vessels operating in the industry today. This allows our customers to make decisions in a safe, consistent, cost efficient manner in an ever changing and time sensitive environment.

Skilled Hands for Vessel Needs

The maritime realm often cries out for skilled professionals. Our team, brimming with marine experts, makes sure your vessel's journey is smooth and efficient.


Embracing Tomorrow's Technology Today

The world of vessels isn't just about sails and anchors anymore; technology is making waves too. 
BSS offers real time subsea 3D imagery and metrology saving clients time and money as well as providing their asset integrity groups with predictive maintenance capabilities.