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Drafting and Design at Baker Marine Solutions

Baker Marine Solutions provides a broad spectrum of design and analytical services, driven by a team of seasoned engineers. Utilizing advanced technology and in-depth industry experience, we craft solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

At Baker Marine Solutions, we offer a suite of design and analysis services. Our team of expert engineers uses cutting-edge technology and extensive industry knowledge to deliver solutions that meet your specific needs.

3D Modeling

Our engineers are proficient in advanced 3D modeling techniques, allowing us to create detailed and accurate representations of vessel structures, piping, and electrical systems. This precision aids in the development of assemblies, nests, and pipe spools. Additionally, our 3D modeling capabilities extend to weights and Vessel Furnished Items (VFI) modeling, ensuring a thorough understanding and tracking of your vessel's components.

CAD/2D Design

With our extensive experience in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), we provide top-notch 2D designs for hull lofting, regulatory drawings, and modification plans. Whether you're looking for initial concept designs or functional designs, our team can deliver high-quality CAD designs that adhere to industry standards and regulations.

Isometric Design

Our isometric design services offer a unique perspective on your vessel's structural, mechanical, and electrical layouts. This technique provides a three-dimensional view using two-dimensional drawings, offering a visualization of your vessel's design and aiding in the identification and resolution of potential design issues.

Advanced Analysis

Our team excels in advanced analytical methods, including finite element modeling and analysis, ship motion analysis, and mooring analysis. These techniques enable us to optimize designs and ensure peak performance under various conditions.

Vessel Owner Support

We provide robust support for vessel owners, encompassing services such as cargo loadouts, sea-fastening, and the creation of stability booklets. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary resources and services to operate your vessel safely and efficiently.