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Subsea Expertise at Baker Marine Solutions

Baker Subsea Solutions (BSS) stands at the forefront of underwater inspection services in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and internationally. We specialize in a range of sectors including oil and gas, renewables, marine, and infrastructure inspection projects. Our capabilities are enhanced by a robust fleet of inspection-class ROVs, along with skilled pilots and technicians, enabling us to perform underwater inspections down to depths of 600 meters.

In collaboration with Vaarst, BSS also brings cutting-edge real-time subsea 3D imagery and metrology to our clients. This innovative approach not only saves time and money, but also equips asset integrity groups with advanced predictive maintenance capabilities.


Inspection Class ROVs

With our fleet of brand new Outland 3000 ROVs, we have the capability and the power to perform any inspection scope down to 600m.

ROV Services
  • UWILD Inspections (ABS certified)
  • Subsea Photogrammetry
  • Level I & II Platform Inspections
  • Pre-Decommissioning Inspections
  • Location and identification of hydrocarbon release
  • Infrastructure Inspections (dams, locks, bridges, intakes/outtakes, docks and port facilities)
  • Pipeline surveying
  • Bottom obstruction surveying
  • 3-D mapping of downed platforms
  • Detection and tracking of heavy oil on the seafloor
  • Diver support operations
  • Port and harbor security
  • Internal Pipeline Inspections
  • External, Pipe, Riser and Mooring Inspections
  • Wet Tunnel Survey and Mapping
  • UXO Location
  • Remote Sampling

SubSlam Technology

Through our partnership with Vaarst, BSS is able to offer real-time subsea 3D imagery and metrology, saving clients time and money while providing their asset integrity groups with predictive maintenance capabilities.

SubSLAM tracks relative position accurately without relying on any external sensors. This means construction and metrology projects can be initiated without the need for COMPATTs or time-intensive LBL array setups. Our SubSLAM System can replace INS or other metrology techniques, completing measurements in a fraction of the time.

What’s more, our live 3D data can be streamed to any device anywhere in the world over VSAT satellite bandwidths using Vaarst’s Data Platform.

Live 3D Streaming Benefits and Features
  • Shorter project durations, reducing vessel days 
  • Enables Machine Learning and AI at the edge 
  • Perfect relative positioning without USBL, LBL or INS 
  • Live 3D reconstructions with proven mm accuracy 
  • Instant 3D data streamed to any device anywhere 
  • No additional sensors or scale bars required
  • 4K machine vision sensors to future proof data collection

Inspection Scopes

Our background is rooted in UWILD inspections, but it doesn’t stop there. We also offer a wide range of services including dock surveys, hull and asset integrity inspections, bridge surveys, tank inspections, free-span analysis, touchdown monitoring, installation verification, and more. If it's in the water, we’ll make sure it's right.

Personnel Services

At BMS, we recognize the critical role of skilled personnel in the success of subsea operations. We offer a range of experienced professionals who specialize in various aspects of the subsea landscape. Our team includes:

  • ROV Personnel: Expert operators and technicians skilled in remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations for precise and efficient underwater tasks.
  • Data Loggers: Specialists in capturing and analyzing subsea data, providing insights for better decision-making and operational effectiveness.
  • Client Representatives: Dedicated liaisons ensuring your project requirements are accurately met and upheld to the highest standards.
  • HSE Representatives: Committed Health, Safety, and Environment experts who prioritize safety and environmental compliance throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Project Managers: Our project managers are proficient in various aspects of project execution and coordination:
    • Subsea: Experts in managing subsea projects, overseeing all underwater operations and ensuring technical proficiency and safety.
    • Topside: Skilled in handling topside activities, managing the surface-level aspects of offshore projects with an emphasis on efficiency and safety.
    • Flotel: Coordinators experienced in flotel operations, ensuring comfortable and effective offshore accommodations for personnel.
    • Mobilization: Specialists in the strategic planning and execution of equipment and personnel mobilization for seamless project initiation and progress.
  • Mobilization Experts: Professionals adept at strategically planning and executing the mobilization of equipment and personnel, ensuring smooth project start-ups.

Consulting Services

BMS offers a range of consulting services designed to optimize your subsea operations. Our team brings in-depth knowledge and practical experience to every project, covering:

  • Project Management: Oversight from inception to completion, ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to specification.
  • Vendor Management: Strategic coordination and management of suppliers to ensure quality, efficiency, and value in all procurements.
  • Contract Management: Expert handling of contractual obligations, negotiations, and compliance, safeguarding your interests.
  • Contract/Vendor Gap Analysis: Detailed analysis to identify and address discrepancies between contract provisions and vendor deliverables.
  • Scope of Work Writing/Review: Crafting clear scopes of work and conducting thorough reviews to align expectations and deliverables.
  • Policy/Procedure Writing/Review: Development and refinement of operational policies and procedures to enhance efficiency and compliance.
  • Subsea Equipment Audits: Rigorous inspections and evaluations of subsea equipment to ensure operational integrity and reliability.
  • Subsea Tooling Testing Verification: Verification of tooling performance through rigorous testing, ensuring readiness for operational demands.
  • Factory Acceptance Test Management: Oversight of factory acceptance tests to validate equipment performance against specified criteria.
  • Load Test Verification: Confirmation of equipment load capacities, ensuring safety and compliance with industry standards.
  • Maintenance and Repair Program Management/Review: Effective management and review of maintenance and repair programs to optimize equipment longevity and performance.
  • System Integration Management: Coordination of various system components to ensure seamless integration and functionality.

At Baker Marine Solutions, we are committed to providing our clients with top-quality, reliable Consultancy & Engineering Solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your marine operations.