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Project Management at Baker Marine Solutions

At Baker Marine Solutions, we specialize in robust project management and consulting services, focusing on the marine sector. With an emphasis on safety and efficiency, our team assists oil companies and other marine operators in mitigating risks, managing operations, and directing smooth execution of high-risk and everyday marine activities.

Onboard Marine Representation

Our seasoned professionals provide onboard marine representation, bridging the gap between marine and vessel operations and client expectations. This vital service is crucial in high-risk situations, guaranteeing that operations are conducted with utmost safety and adherence to industry standards.

Versatile Support

From vessel refit and reactivation to full crewing services, our turnkey project management solutions cover all aspects of marine operations. We offer a blend of onboard personnel and office-based support, tailored to the unique demands of each project.

Expert Personnel

Our roster includes specialist roles such as ROV supervisors, offshore construction experts, and technical office personnel like draftsmen and AutoCAD experts. These professionals are available as per your project's scaling needs, for the right expertise at the right time.

FLOTEL Management

Our FLOTEL management encompasses not just marine operations, but extends to shore-based management, vessel representation, and personnel-on-board (POB) coordination, ensuring seamless operational control and end-to-end coordination.

Shipyard Representation

We offer shipyard representation services, covering new builds, scheduled dry docks (DD), repairs, conversions, and more. Our services include thorough cost and capability analysis, budgeting, and project oversight, guaranteeing guidance for all phases. 


UWILD Supervision

Our Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Drydocking (UWILD) supervisors and data recorders, complemented by our skilled ROV pilots and technicians, ensure that your in-water surveys are not just compliant but are also completed within budget and schedule. This is critical for efficient in-water surveys.

Client Vessel Representatives (CVRs)

Our CVRs, with their extensive operational experience and oversight prowess, add significant value to any project. They offer specialized oversight to subsea and offshore operations, bringing project-specific expertise to enhance your asset's performance.

Seamless Operations For All Marine Challenges

In any marine scope, Baker Marine Solutions stands ready with the right personnel and expertise. Let us be your partner in navigating the complexities of marine project management and consulting. This bolsters your project so that every operation is not just successful, but also sets new standards in maritime excellence.